Vegetable & Mushroom soup £5.50

Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup £5.50

Sweetcorn Soup £5.50

Thai Style Vegetable Soup (spicy) £5.90

Vegetarian Platter (for 2)

Seaweed, Pickled Vegetables, Vegetable Spring Rolls,

Vegetable Curry Samosas, Spring Onion Pancakes, Vegetable Wantons


Seaweed £4.90

Seaweed with Cashew Nuts (N) £5.90

Salt & Pepper Battered Mushrooms £6.90

Steamed Vegetable & Nuts Dumplings (3)(N) £5.60

Vegetable Spring Rolls(4) £5.60

Veggie Soya Bean Wraps (3) £5.60

Spring Onion Pancakes (4) £5.60

Curried Vegetable Samosas (4) £5.60

Deep Fried Vegetable Wantons (4) £5.60

Salt & Pepper Deep-fried Bean Curd £6.90

Crispy Bean Curd with Chilli Black Bean (N) £6.90

Salt & Pepper Crispy Coated Mix Vegetables £6.90

Vegetable & Nuts Lettuce Wraps (N) £8.50

Crispy Golden Delight (N) £7.90

(shredded potatoes, onions, cucumber, coriander & nuts with chef’s special recipe)


Sichuan Vegetable Delight (assorted shredded vegetables in Sichuan sauce) £9.90

Kung Po Nut Delight (baby sweetcorn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & cashew nuts) (N) £10.50

Four Seasons (mange tout, broccoli, straw mushrooms, fried tofu in garlic sauce) £9.90

Vegetarian Ma Po Tofu (diced tofu & vegetables in chilli black bean sauce) £9.90

Sliced Potato, Aubergine & Pepper with Garlic £9.90

Fried Bean Curd in Spicy Sichuan Sauce £9.90

Fried Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce £9.90

Fried Bean Curd Sweet & Sour Sauce £9.90

Steamed Bean Curd with Black Bean & Garlic £9.90

Steamed Bean Curd with Spring Onions in Soy Sauce £9.90

Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce £9.90

Mixed Vegetables with Fresh Garlic £9.90

Chinese Pak Choi with Fresh Chilli & Garlic £9.90

Chinese Pak Choi in Ginger Sauce £9.90

Mixed Vegetable Chinese Curry £9.90

Vegetable Thai Green Curry (Medium Hot) £9.90

Vegetable Thai Red Curry (Hot) £9.90

Mock Chicken in Black Bean Sauce £9.90

Mock Chicken in Sichuan Sauce £9.90

Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein £10.90

Mixed Vegetable Phad Thai (N) £10.90

Side Orders

Fried Rice £4.00

Boiled Rice £3.50

Onion, Chilli Fried Rice £4.50

Salt & Pepper Chips £5.50       

Soft Noodles with Beansprouts £5.90

Crispy Noodles £5.90

Rainbow Sauce (fresh chilli, spring onions, ginger & soy sauce) £4.50