Rainbow88 is very much a most community spirited organization, in and out of our premises! The Christie Hospital & Breast Cancer Charities will always be on the list after Linda has been given her 5 years Breast Cancer Free this year! However we will always consider other charities and only choose those who we have seen people benefit

To date we have now raised £370K for local worthy causes!

This is done from the start of our year by our Chinese New Year events including inviting schools, nurseries, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs etc to join in with New year fun for a small donation, our family Sundays and Banquet Extravaganza. This year we raised £5K during this period for The Christie Hospital and Stockport Tadpoles-supporting children with Diabetes

In 2023 we have raised for

The Christie Hospital

Stockport Tadpoles

Stockport Owls

Alzheimer’s Society

Beacon Counselling

Breast Cancer Care

The Mayor of Stockport Charities

Prevent Breast Cancer

Parkinson’s UK (our Christmas Charity this year